The most enjoyable aspect of the koi hobby is the development of young koi. Witnessing their progress and achieving beautiful results together is truly rewarding. This passion has led TheKoiPage and KoiAddicted to join forces and initiate an exciting growth project.

How does this work?
The selection is made by Bas & Orlando of KoiAddcited. All koi were purchased by KoiAddicted through TheKoiPage at the Dainichi Toyota and Dainichi Niigata auctions. The selection started growing at KoiAddicted upon arrival on May 15, 2024. To ensure the educational aspect of growth, the tosai are only available including growth at KoiAddicted until the end of September.

What is TheKoiPage's role?
TheKoiPage serves as the showcase for these koi, facilitating the connection between KoiAddicted and hobbyists.


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