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We use a Facebook-like box in the sidebar and on our blog. By turning this on, you can like Studiobizz on Facebook, but you also give Facebook the opportunity to follow you on our website. That's what they call tracking. You can choose whether you want this or not.

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We collect visitor statistics with Google Analytics. That helps us gain insight into visitor behavior on our website. This way we try to improve our website. This data is completely anonymous and therefore purely functional. That is why we do not have to request permission for this, but we do want to inform you about it.

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Our privacy policy

• The Koi Page ensures appropriate organizational, technical and physical protection of files in which personal data is stored. In this way we ensure that this data is only accessible to authorized persons and that the data is only used for the purpose for which it was obtained.

• We will not make your data available to third parties, unless there is reason to do so and it will also be in your own - chosen - interest. In that case we will state that explicitly.

• We will never commercially abuse the information you provide passively or actively.

• You have the option of viewing your personal data and having it corrected in the event of any inaccuracies.

• This privacy statement does not apply to third-party websites that are connected to this website through links.

• The Koi Page makes every effort to ensure that the persons depicted in our communications have approved these communications. If you have comments or complaints about this, you can e-mail it to

• The Koi Page reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy. It is advisable to consult this privacy policy regularly so that you are aware of these changes.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are downloaded to your device by the website that you are currently visiting. During a subsequent visit to the website, the cookies ensure that your browser is recognized. Other websites may also recognize your browser.

Cookies at The Koi Page.

At The Koi Page we use cookies to make the user experience of the website as optimal as possible for you. We treat all information that we collect via cookies and other information that you provide about yourself with the utmost confidentiality.

Types of cookies

There are different types of cookies. At The Koi Page we use the following variants.

Functional and analytical cookies

Functional cookies ensure that the website works properly. For example, they remember preferences that you have set.

We use the anonymous variant of Google Analytics to collect statistics. These statistics do not contain any personal or demographic information. The Koi Page has entered into a processing agreement with Google for the processing of data. The option to share data with other services (including services from Google itself) is disabled. Transport of this information always takes place over a secure connection. The storage of this data is in the hands of Google and is done in the EU or US under US jurisdiction. This storage is retained for 24 months. Information from functional and analytical cookies is not used for marketing purposes and is not passed on to third parties.

This website runs on WordPress with a CMS (content management system). During your visit, WordPress uses a cookie to check whether cookies are supported by your browser. These cookies are not used for analysis and are purely functional. WordPress meets the guidelines from the AVG (GDPR).

Advertising or targeting cookies

With these cookies we collect insights about our advertisements. For example how many people visit the website as a result of a specific campaign and whether the displayed advertisement matches their interest. In addition, we can use the cookies to display personalized advertisements and to gain insight into whether campaigns lead to registration for newsletters or contact requests. We only use these cookies with your permission and in such a way that your privacy is well protected.

Tracking cookies

We use tracking cookies to analyze your behavior on the website. For example, we collect information about your click and scroll behavior and use this to further improve the website. We only use the tracking cookies if you have given your permission.

Forms on

 Forms are requested on various parts of this website where personal data is requested. This personal data is stored in the WordPress CMS and is forwarded to the specific department that must process the data.

Form data is only sent by e-mail to the department for which the data is relevant. This is a mailbox that only people currently working in that position have access to. There is only a select number of employees who can handle all form submissions for management purposes.

The data is only used for the follow-up of a contact request. In addition to the data that you enter yourself, the time, the IP address and the relevant page are stored in order to provide more context for the form submission and in this way to be able to more fully meet questions.

Storage of data

Forms and newsletter subscriptions.

For forms that are submitted on pages within, these are stored in wordpress CMS. This information is for our own purposes. Transport of this information always takes place over a secure connection.

Third party services

When you subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive regular news and tips from us. You can always unsubscribe. We send newsletters with MailChimp, a global market leader in e-mail marketing software.

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